Getting your first place can be equal parts fun and harrowing. The freedom that an apartment provides is often wonderful, but striking out on your own can be challenging. Whether you’re graduating soon from a local university like the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities or simply moving to your own apartment after living with family, Acorn […]
A woman organizing her closet
No matter how big or small your closet, you’ve likely spent some time looking for a piece of clothing you would have sworn you had. You’ve also probably rummaged through your clothes only to stumble across a piece of clothing you forgot you still owned. There’s a reason for this: Again, no matter how big […]
A car in a storage space.
Self storage is an affordable, convenient, and easy way to store belongings for the short term or the long haul alike. Whether you’re going through a tricky life event or simply need some additional storage near you and your home, Minneapolis-St. Paul self storage operators like your friends here at Acorn Mini Storage can provide […]
A hallway of indoor self storage units that stretches far and long.
Self storage can be a big help when it comes to finding storage space for your household or business. It can often be a low-cost solution, especially when you know the best tricks for finding an affordable self storage unit, like taking advantage of month-to-month rentals and checking your options for discounts and promotions. You […]
A miniature house is surrounded with snow and decorated for the holidays
Acorn’s Guide to Winterizing Your Home Whether you love winter for the holidays or the scenic landscapes, you’ll want to enjoy these festivities in a secure and well-protected home. Along with the snow comes potential wear and tear throughout your home due to the harsh weather conditions. By winterproofing your house, you and your loved […]